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#1 2018-11-10 02:20:30
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[TM2] No Dedimania records are stored from specific track

Hi Dedimania team,

I have an issue with the following track. Its times are not stored on Dedimania, but the local records on the server are stored successfully.

This has been tested on 2 Valley Titlepack servers (TMValley@nadeolabs) and in both cases, after a round, the records do not appear.

Track on MX: … ting-track

Track on DM: … jdr2HLEx0l

- First I thought it's because of the Titlepack difference; the map was saved inside the TM2 Multienvironment titlepack, but then played in a Valley TP. That shouldn't be the reason, since this track also works: … bon-aparte
- Maybe the name is too long?

I hope you guys can help me out!



#2 2018-11-14 08:40:06

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Re: [TM2] No Dedimania records are stored from specific track


Nothing in the serveur script log ??
Usually it's a problem of too short time (not here of course), or "hexa" edit with 2 checkpoints at the same place. Anyway you should either have the script itself write why it refuse it, either have the script log show the reply of dedimania... (ellse the serveur script miss a part of its job)

Well i don't remember if a too long title name could be a problem  hmm


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